Effective Ways to Combat Summertime Sinuses


For years, you’ve struggled with summertime sinus issues. Seldom does a minute go by in which you don’t have to reach for a tissue. Summer is supposed to be the season of fun, sun and relaxation. Unfortunately, because of your prevalent sinus problems, you dread the arrival of everyone’s favorite season. The following tips will help you combat sinus issues and salvage the remainder of your summer.

Seek Medical Treatment

If you’re tired of constantly being at the mercy of unrelenting sinuses, consult a licensed physician. People in search of cold and sinus treatment in Fairhope AL needn’t look any further than Premier Medical. Featuring a seasoned assortment of ENT professionals, Premier Medical is an invaluable ally in the fight against sinuses.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is the most effective way to keep your sinuses moist and subsequently avoid sinus-based dryness, bleeding and irritation. With this in mind, drink between six to eight eight-ounce glasses of water each day. Conversely, make a point of avoiding caffeine and alcohol, as these can leave you dehydrated.

Embrace Spiciness

If you have an affinity for spicy food, you’ll be pleased to learn that spices like curry, horseradish and hot peppers have been known to clear sinuses. That being the case, why not spice up your meals on a regular basis?

Ever-present sinus problems stand to ruin your summer. Fortunately, by taking active measures to keep these issues at bay, you can put the kibosh on constant sneezing, nose-blowing and all-around nasal discomfort.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry and What Procedures Does It Involve?

Although cosmetic dentistry is not recognized in the United States as a formal area of dentistry, it is extremely popular for people who are looking to improve their smile. Cosmetic procedures deal directly with the improvement of the appearance of your smile, not with restoration, or preventative care. There are some procedures that fall under both categories however, for instance if an individual loses or chips a tooth, having it replaced, bridged or crowned is considered restorative care. But if this tooth is than whitened to match the others, or is shaped to fit the smile, than that is considered cosmetic in nature.


What Procedures Are Strictly Cosmetic?

The most common cosmetic procedure is teeth whitening. It is done for those who have stained or discoloured their teeth from habits such as smoking or drinking excessive coffee. On the other hand there are some medications that can cause discolouration to teeth. The whitening of the teeth requires a whitening solution that is used on a daily basis until the teeth are the desired whiteness.

Another common procedure includes braces. These tend to be used to correct or improve crooked teeth, or improve the bite of the jaw. When a jaw has an irregular bite, it can create jaw disorders because of how the jaw comes together. Braces are often made out of metal or plastic and are strictly used to correct the position of your jaw and teeth, which ultimately creates a straighter smile.

Finally, procedures that include crowns or enamel shaping are also cosmetic in nature. Crowns are used to cover chips in the top of the teeth, or used to protect a weak tooth. They can also cover unsightly fillings, and restore broken teeth. For crooked teeth that overlap, contouring the enamel of the teeth can help change the appearance of the smile.

There are several cosmetic procedures that one can have done to change how their smile looks, and they do fall under the cosmetic umbrella. The only procedures that do not fall under this are ones that look to restore, or prevent the teeth from decaying. Root canals and fillings for instance are instances of these.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Signs You Should Never Ignore

Has your loved one been acting strange lately? Has her drinking gone from only on the weekends with friends to every night, even by herself? Is she drinking during the day? Do you see her popping pills or doing other questionable things that have you wondering if she is using other drugs? If so, you might need to take action. Often, people who abuse alcohol and drugs are reluctant to admit they have a problem and don’t seek the help that they need.

Alcohol and drug help

If this happens, you should stand up and offer help by enrolling your loved one in a drug and alcohol abuse treatment clinic. Here are some signs that you should never ignore that indicate drug and alcohol abuse:

  • Drinking excessively, alone and several days of the week.
  • Falling down drunk.
  • Having a difficult time remembering things.
  • Reclusive behavior.
  • Short and snappy.
  • The person who was once nice and friendly now seems to be mean all the time and snaps at everything.
  • The person has suddenly become very secretive.
  • Hanging out with a new and questionable groupe of people.
  • Person hygiene is lacking.

What Kind of Treatment is Available for Memory Loss in Seniors?

Many seniors suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s. In fact, 5.3 million Americans currently live with the disease, and the main debilitative trait of such conditions is memory loss. Unfortunately, as dementia and Alzheimer’s progresses, the needs of the patient suffering change significantly.

Luckily there is specific memory care for seniors that focuses on every need of the patient, at every stage of their memory impairment.


Memory care rehab centers consist of specially designed living quarters and environments for those who are living with varying degrees of memory loss as a result of Alzheimer’s and dementia. These can include carefully designed floor plans to lower problematic patterns, as well as wall colors that assist them in finding their way around.

These memory care environments helps cue patients throughout their daily lives to work their brain functions while making life as stress-free as possible.

Activities in such care facilities may include:

• Morning mental activities with discussions, a walk down memory lane, and brain stimulating games;

• Physical activity that may include group exercises, walking programs, and even dancing;

• Daily life skills that build a sense of purpose and belonging;

• Patient-centered programs, which use the patient’s social history as a basis.

Taking advantage of memory care facilities can be the best way to help the patient not only cope with their ailment, but also help retain whatever memory they have and strengthen their brain functions to maintain a dignified lifestyle.

What an Ophthalmologist Can Do For You

If you are experiencing any type of eye problem, your best bet might be to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist. These specialized eye doctors are able to restore your vision and help you maintain optimal eye health. Make yourself aware of the best ophthalmology treatments to prevent your current eye condition from getting worse.


Eye Exams

Basic eye exams are all part of the process at the ophthalmologist office. These exams are meant to identify problems that could worsen in the future, allowing you to have any eye problems treated before they cost you your vision.

Eye Surgeries

In some cases, surgery is the only option. If you have cataracts, for example, your doctor can perform a simple laser eye surgery that improves your vision a great deal. The first step involves heading to the ophthalmologist for consultation, so book your appointment soon if you are experiencing serious vision problems.

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is an eye disorder that damages the optic nerve. Over time, it can worsen and greatly impair your vision. An ophthalmologist can help you to manage this issue and if your glaucoma is caught early enough, you might be able to treat it through surgery or medication.

How to Increase Fertility


Do you want to have a child? Then you most likely want to get pregnant as soon as possible. There are a few things you can do that can increase the chances of getting pregnant:

  • Women should keep weight under control. Being both overweight and underweight can affect how long it takes you to conceive a child. Scientific evidence suggests that staying at a healthy weight will increase your chances of getting pregnant.
  • Men should protect sperm. Exposing the testicles to a high amount of heat can affect the sperm. For example, it is not a good idea to sit in a hot tub for several hours before wanting to try to conceive. Also, some believe that having a laptop computer on your lap for several hours could possibly affect sperm count. After you try this, you also can go for fertility testing and treatment.
  • Women should not drink coffee or alcohol to excess. Experts believe that drinking more than five cups of coffee per day can lower a woman’s fertility. Other studies suggest that women drinking two alcoholic beverages daily also can lower fertility.
  • Both should not smoke. Smoking impairs male and female fertility.

If you keep these four tips in mind as you are trying to conceive, it should increase the chances you will succeed.

Why Immediate Auto Accident Treatment Is Imperative

It could happen to anyone: you are driving along in your lane of traffic and another vehicle changes lanes and crashes their vehicle into yours. When this happens, what are you going to do? While most people’s immediate reactions are to phone the police, a towing provider, and their insurance companies; they must also seek medical treatment for themselves. If unable to schedule an appointment with a medical practitioner the same day, it is imperative the first visit must be scheduled within 14 days.


One of the best ways of treating neck pain after an injury is through the use of hands-on, manipulative therapies. This is where a skilled physician manipulates a specific area and performs a variety of adjustments and non-invasive therapies to include: targeted neck and spinal manipulations and adjustments, rehabilitative physiotherapy, and neuromuscular massage therapy. While not inclusive, electrical and heat therapies can also be used in conjunction with prescribed treatments to further target and treat the sources of pain.

When not receiving treatment, patients are instructed and required to perform specific exercises designed to help facilitate the rehabilitation process. These will help stretch and strengthen problem areas and will also help doctors access a patient’s abilities during subsequent treatment visits.

Causes of Hand Pain


If your hands hurt, you’re not alone. Millions of people suffer from hand pain each year. In many cases it’s due to arthritis, but there has also been a sharp rise in cases of repetitive stress injuries (RSI) such as carpel tunnel syndrome and trigger finger. The popularity of computers, video games and texting is to blame for many types of RSI, as the repetitive motion of typing on a keyboard, using a mouse, thumb typing and using a game controller can all result in hand pain, swelling and reduced field of motion. In some cases of carpal tunnel, surgery is needed, but today doctors have new techniques to help manage your pain and eliminate it. These include the use of braces, physical therapy and using proper ergonomics. For example, when typing, your wrists should be supported and not be lower than the keyboard. The most important thing you can do is stop the repetitive motion and rest the irritated tendons, muscles and nerves. Depending on the exact cause of the pain, ice packs or moist heat may be recommended, as well as exercises to do at home. If you are experiencing hand pain that isn’t improving after a few weeks or is impacting your quality of life, call your doctor and see what he can do for you.