Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Signs You Should Never Ignore

Has your loved one been acting strange lately? Has her drinking gone from only on the weekends with friends to every night, even by herself? Is she drinking during the day? Do you see her popping pills or doing other questionable things that have you wondering if she is using other drugs? If so, you might need to take action. Often, people who abuse alcohol and drugs are reluctant to admit they have a problem and don’t seek the help that they need.

Alcohol and drug help

If this happens, you should stand up and offer help by enrolling your loved one in a drug and alcohol abuse treatment clinic. Here are some signs that you should never ignore that indicate drug and alcohol abuse:

  • Drinking excessively, alone and several days of the week.
  • Falling down drunk.
  • Having a difficult time remembering things.
  • Reclusive behavior.
  • Short and snappy.
  • The person who was once nice and friendly now seems to be mean all the time and snaps at everything.
  • The person has suddenly become very secretive.
  • Hanging out with a new and questionable groupe of people.
  • Person hygiene is lacking.